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Cocktail: Dark and Smoggy

I have devoted a number of posts to baijiu cocktails and the inherent challenges involved therein. Thus far all of my recipes have employed light-aroma baijiu as their bases for a straightforward reason: Light aroma is relatively mild and blends … Continue reading

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Baijiu basics: strong aroma

Full disclosure: I live in Sichuan and think its strong-aroma baijiu is the best spirit China produces. But the Chinese seem to have my back on this one. Somewhere between about twenty-five and seventy percent[1] of the baijiu on the … Continue reading

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Wisdom of the Ancients

New year, new baijiu. Several months ago I began corresponding with David Zhou of Potomac Falls, Virginia about a new North American baijiu he was producing called Confucius Wisdom. Not wanting to compromise myself (but obviously curious), I told him … Continue reading

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Not your father’s baijiu

The baijiu industry is filled with brands trying to out-heritage the competition. Go to the baijiu section of any Chinese supermarket and you’re going to see a lot of red and gold, some sweeping calligraphy, a phoenix here and a … Continue reading

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300 shots recommends

A condensed list of recommendations for your your baijiu enjoyment. Click the links for full reviews by category. Enjoy! Strong aroma: Guojiao 1573 国窖1573 by Luzhou Laojiao 泸州老窖 (RMB1,300/US$205), Shuijingfang 水井坊 (RMB900/US$140), Jiannanchun 剑南春 (RMB400/US$63), Purfeel 21 (RMB200/US$31), Luzhou Laojiao 泸州老窖 (cheap), Quanxing 全兴 (very cheap) Light aroma: Laobai … Continue reading

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