300 shots recommends

A condensed list of recommendations for your your baijiu enjoyment. Click the links for full reviews by category. Enjoy!

Strong aroma: Guojiao 1573 国窖1573 by Luzhou Laojiao 泸州老窖 (RMB1,300/US$205), Shuijingfang 水井坊 (RMB900/US$140), Jiannanchun 剑南春 (RMB400/US$63), Purfeel 21 (RMB200/US$31), Luzhou Laojiao 泸州老窖 (cheap), Quanxing 全兴 (very cheap)

Light aroma: Laobai Fenjiu 老白汾酒 by Xinghuacun Fenjiu 杏花村汾酒 (RMB150/US$24), Erguotou 二锅头: Yongfeng 永丰 or Red Star 红星 (cheap)

Sauce aroma: Feitian 飞天 by Kweichow Moutai 贵州茅台 (RMB2,000/US$315), Laimao 赖茅 by Maotai Zhen 茅台镇 (RMB80/US$13)

Rice aroma: Lao Guilin 老桂林 by Guilin Sanhua 桂林三花 (RMB150/US$24), Guilin Sanhua Jiu 桂林三花酒 (RMB30/US$5)

Mixed aroma:  Tianchengxiang 天成祥 (RMB800/US$125), Xifengjiu 西凤酒 (price varies)

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3 Responses to 300 shots recommends

  1. Thank you for posting these! I’m looking forward to tracking them down.

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