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Gambling with Maotai

In the most places, you fake it ’til you make it. In China, you make it and then someone else fakes it. This has created all sorts of problems for aspirational baijiu drinkers like myself. Take the case of Maotai, … Continue reading

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Just had three shots of a super-secret baijiu prototype. The future is bright. 220 shots to go.

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Baijiu alchemy

Time for another confession: When I first came to China I worked as an (gasp) English teacher. This meant two things: I needed to drink a lot and I was too broke to do it well. It thus seemed a … Continue reading

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Baijiu basics: What does it stink like?

Last weekend I set off to a friend’s cocktail party. I knew they would have vodka and mixers, but vodka doesn’t help me get any closer to 300 shots, so I came packing a party grenade of Lang Jiu 郎酒. … Continue reading

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Holding your bladder

Last month a court in Beijing sentenced a businessman to life in prison for illegally smuggling over 70 thousand bottles of wine, valued at around RMB45 million ($7.1 million). The man in question, 62-year-old Sun Xitai of Liaoning Province, was … Continue reading

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