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‘A peculiar oriental odor’

The love-hate (but mostly hate) relationship between baijiu and the outside world has been well documented. I’m doing my damnedest to win over a few new recruits to team baijiu, but I recognize that this is an uphill battle against … Continue reading

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All in the family

This morning I sent my parents off to the airport after they had spent a month visiting China. Since the day they arrived I promised (read: threatened) to do a baijiu dinner with them. For their last meal, I made … Continue reading

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Making baijiu made simple

Apologies for the absence last week, I was travelling sans VPN and the Chinese government hates wordpress almost as much as they love baijiu. It was not an entire loss, though, because during this moment of introspection it dawned on … Continue reading

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Q&A: Bao’an blues

It’s Q&A time again. This question, from Roger in Shanghai, calls for a stiff drink with a splash of melodrama: Let’s say, theoretically, that I had RMB 117 and your average convenience stores nearby (Lawsons, Kedi, Family Mart, etc.). Let’s … Continue reading

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Blood in the baijiu

I was recently asked if I thought China had reached peak ganbei: the point at which China’s baijiu binging reaches its natural climax and recedes into boring restraint. Based solely on my recent experiences traveling around the country, I had … Continue reading

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