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One Last Shot

Recent visitors to this blog will have noticed that it was temporarily offline. This was not a glitch or an error, but a conscious decision to suspend the site until I figured out what its future would be. It was … Continue reading

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Capital Spirits: A Virtual Primer

It is unusual to review for a bar that one has never visited, but I am so excited about Bill Isler and Simon Dang’s recently opened Capital Spirits, that I just can’t help myself. It is the world’s first full-service baijiu … Continue reading

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Cooking Wine

After serving my time in China, I feel like I know it on an intimate level. Maybe I can’t name every emperor in the Song Dynasty without the aid of Wikipedia, but it still feels more familiar than America does. … Continue reading

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Growth potential

I just got back from my first trip back to the United States in almost two years. I started my trip in my hometown, Leawood, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri. It’s a pleasant Midwestern oasis, whose wide-open spaces … Continue reading

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I had a qu today

I had a qu today. After almost two years of getting rebuffed at every distillery I ever visited, a guy finally says to me, “Hey, you want to go see where we make the qu?” And then he marches me … Continue reading

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