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Baijiu basics: strong aroma

Full disclosure: I live in Sichuan and think its strong-aroma baijiu is the best spirit China produces. But the Chinese seem to have my back on this one. Somewhere between about twenty-five and seventy percent[1] of the baijiu on the … Continue reading

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Getting started: strong aroma

Last week I outlined the aspirant baijiu drinkers’ dilemma: too many choices, not enough information. Now I propose solutions in the form a comprehensive list of my personal favorite baijiu for various budgets and at various price ranges. I’ll be … Continue reading

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The final countdown

All good things must come to an end. For my sake it’s fortunate that this rule also extends to prolonged grain-alcohol stunt drinking. On May 15, 2012 – a date which will live in relative obscurity – I finished the … Continue reading

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The baijiu cure

More than a quarter-million people live in Pujiang, and most of them were watching when I started to like baijiu. I was in the middle of a cordoned-off intersection in the city center, surrounded by a battalion of adorable Sichuanese … Continue reading

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