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Cocktail: Dark and Smoggy

I have devoted a number of posts to baijiu cocktails and the inherent challenges involved therein. Thus far all of my recipes have employed light-aroma baijiu as their bases for a straightforward reason: Light aroma is relatively mild and blends … Continue reading

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The baijiu blitz

Our mission was simple: Try as many baijius as possible before our taste buds melted. Everyone breezed through the first twenty, a handful of us rounded the forty-bottle mark, and just a couple caught sight of the finish line. It … Continue reading

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Talking baijiu in Shanghai

UPDATE: Friday’s “Unsavory Elements” event has sold out, but tickets are still available for Thursday evening’s talk and tasting. After two successful, albeit rowdy, talks in Chengdu this past weekend, I’ll be heading back to Shanghai. I return to my … Continue reading

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