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Getting started: strong aroma

Last week I outlined the aspirant baijiu drinkers’ dilemma: too many choices, not enough information. Now I propose solutions in the form a comprehensive list of my personal favorite baijiu for various budgets and at various price ranges. I’ll be … Continue reading

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Baijiu basics: What does it stink like?

Last weekend I set off to a friend’s cocktail party. I knew they would have vodka and mixers, but vodka doesn’t help me get any closer to 300 shots, so I came packing a party grenade of Lang Jiu 郎酒. … Continue reading

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A magical evening with Quanxing

DISCLAIMER: Before you get too hung up on the title, let me just say that I usually try to distance myself from my PR days, and I wouldn’t break out that kind of cheese without a good reason. So I … Continue reading

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