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August 2015: A month to remember, Porteño edition

I don’t blog about baijiu much these days. Since releasing my baijiu book I’m kind of working against technological trends, doing most of my stuff in printed media or, worse still, human-to-human interaction. Look for my forthcoming work to be … Continue reading

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Baijiu of the Month: Jiangjin

My wife and I were sitting in a Chengdu friend’s garden last week when our host, Xiao Wang, told me he wanted me to try his favorite baijiu. He stepped inside his apartment and came back with a narrow white … Continue reading

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Baijiu basics: light aroma

Hello from the UK, baijiu buddies. Away on holiday for the moment, so I will be updating infrequently for the rest of the month, but I wanted to post another category breakdown to hold you over. Qing xiang 清香, light aroma, … Continue reading

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Red Star on ice

Last week I received an e-mail from 300 Shots loyalist Andrew in Shanghai, whom you will of course remember from his question about which baijius are best for sipping. It seems that in the time since he’s taken the charge … Continue reading

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‘A peculiar oriental odor’

The love-hate (but mostly hate) relationship between baijiu and the outside world has been well documented. I’m doing my damnedest to win over a few new recruits to team baijiu, but I recognize that this is an uphill battle against … Continue reading

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