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On the Sorghum Trail

Earlier this fall I left China after seven years. The first five years were spent in Shanghai, and I count them among the most memorable of my life. The past two were spent Chengdu, in China’s Wild West, where I … Continue reading

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Baijiu basics: light aroma

Hello from the UK, baijiu buddies. Away on holiday for the moment, so I will be updating infrequently for the rest of the month, but I wanted to post another category breakdown to hold you over. Qing xiang 清香, light aroma, … Continue reading

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The birth of baijiu, part III: The national drink?

This is the final installment in a three-part series exploring the question: “When did the Chinese first start drinking baijiu?” In part one we learned that the Chinese first had the technology to distill alcohol during the Han Dynasty (25-200AD). In … Continue reading

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