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Baijiu of the Month: Jiangjin

My wife and I were sitting in a Chengdu friend’s garden last week when our host, Xiao Wang, told me he wanted me to try his favorite baijiu. He stepped inside his apartment and came back with a narrow white … Continue reading

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I had a qu today

I had a qu today. After almost two years of getting rebuffed at every distillery I ever visited, a guy finally says to me, “Hey, you want to go see where we make the qu?” And then he marches me … Continue reading

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Baijiu basics: light aroma

Hello from the UK, baijiu buddies. Away on holiday for the moment, so I will be updating infrequently for the rest of the month, but I wanted to post another category breakdown to hold you over. Qing xiang 清香, light aroma, … Continue reading

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Making baijiu made simple

Apologies for the absence last week, I was travelling sans VPN and the Chinese government hates wordpress almost as much as they love baijiu. It was not an entire loss, though, because during this moment of introspection it dawned on … Continue reading

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Baijiu basics: sour mash

Having discussed the different styles of baijiu and the basic fundamentals of fermentation, I’d like to turn our attention to the actual business of making baijiu. Every brand has its own tricks, but one popular method in southwestern China is … Continue reading

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