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Cooking Wine

After serving my time in China, I feel like I know it on an intimate level. Maybe I can’t name every emperor in the Song Dynasty without the aid of Wikipedia, but it still feels more familiar than America does. … Continue reading

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All in the family

This morning I sent my parents off to the airport after they had spent a month visiting China. Since the day they arrived I promised (read: threatened) to do a baijiu dinner with them. For their last meal, I made … Continue reading

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The first hundred shots

So what have we learned in the first hundred shots? We learned that baijiu can change the course of human events. We learned that baijiu can change the course of an evening. We learned that Derek looks strapping in tangyi. … Continue reading

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The baijiu cure

More than a quarter-million people live in Pujiang, and most of them were watching when I started to like baijiu. I was in the middle of a cordoned-off intersection in the city center, surrounded by a battalion of adorable Sichuanese … Continue reading

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The Panamanian connection

Something funny happened at the San Francisco’s Panama-Pacific International Exhibition in 1915. According to China’s baijiu heavyweights, the story goes something like this: China walked into the World’s Fair, unleashed a massive alcoholic beat down and returned home conquering heroes, … Continue reading

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