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Talking World Baijiu Day with Jim Boyce

The inaugural World Baijiu Day is just two days away! I hope you’ve made your plans, if not go here and find the nearest event to you.* In honor of this momentous occasion, I asked Mr. World Baijiu Day, Jim Boyce, … Continue reading

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World Baijiu Day

Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars. August 8, 2015. A day that shall live in infamy. After years in the shadows baijiu is having an international coming out party on a grand scale: It’s time for World Baijiu Day. World Baijiu Day … Continue reading

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Cocktail: Baijiu Sour

As we ease into the holiday season, I wanted to share a cocktail recipe from the good people at Beijing’s Capital Spirits. This recipe is credited to owner Bill Isler and inspired by Fubar and 300 Shots friend Jim Boyce. It is … Continue reading

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The baijiu blitz

Our mission was simple: Try as many baijius as possible before our taste buds melted. Everyone breezed through the first twenty, a handful of us rounded the forty-bottle mark, and just a couple caught sight of the finish line. It … Continue reading

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