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Baijiu of the Month: Shui Jing Fang Forest Green

Whenever I introduce a new audience to baijius, I always try to present them with a range that reflects the category’s striking diversity, both in terms of taste and price point. It is important not only that drinkers understand that … Continue reading

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Talking baijiu in Chengdu

Major news, Chengdu people. My adopted home and baijiu muse will be the site of my first public talk on Chinese alcohol and drinking culture as part of the Bookworm Lit Fest. An (optional) tasting of some of my favorite … Continue reading

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Liquid swords

Ah, Chengdu in the springtime. The bugs, the humidity, that burnt-tire smelling je ne sais quoi outside my window. I’d been away a while and to celebrate my return, I wanted some quality local spirits. Jiannanchun 剑南春 (South of Sword … Continue reading

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Notes from south China

In the first couple weeks of my travels, a friend and I have made a slow arc from Chengdu in western China to Fujian on the East Coast. Below are a few notes from the road and an updated shot … Continue reading

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Tequila shots with Qianlong

The conventional wisdom is that China invented just about everything – gunpowder, paper, moveable type, the Lazy Susan, etc. But despite the Chinese’s inventive prowess, the following claim in the People’s Daily took me by surprise: Experts deduced that in … Continue reading

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