World Baijiu Day

Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars. August 8, 2015. A day that shall live in infamy. After years in the shadows baijiu is having an international coming out party on a grand scale: It’s time for World Baijiu Day.

World Baijiu Day is the brainchild of Beijing-based drinks writer Jim Boyce. You remember Jim, he was with me in the trenches during the great baijiu blitz of ’13 , and we talked sorghum sauce in Beijing last year at the Bookworm International Literary Festival. We once even crossed paths in Buenos Aires…


Anyway, about six months ago Jim tells me that he is planning to organize a World Baijiu Day for the auspicious date of the eighth day of the eighth month (eight is lucky in Chinese, in case you’re context blind). I told him I thought it was wildly ambitious, impractical and borderline insane—everything I love about baijiu.

So Jim went off, made a killer website and started reaching out to all the baijiu lovers scattered across the globe. He has been keeping us up-to-date on the latest happenings and cocktail trends. He has got people making baijiu gummies, baijiu beer and even deep fried baijiu. And all that on top of his other work as a prolific wine writer. For someone spends as much time as Boyce does around alcohol, he is way too productive. (Nudge, nudge. Knock it off, you’re making the rest of us look bad.)

And now, two weeks out from the big day, he’s already got about 20 events scheduled in more than 15 cities spread across three continents. As for me, I’ll be throwing back a few baijiu cocktails at Lumos in New York City.

Where will you be on World Baijiu Day? For a full list of events click here.

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1 Response to World Baijiu Day

  1. Thanks for sharing. It’s too bad there will not be any events held specifically in Shenzhen where I am based, but perhaps I will hop across the border to the one in HK!

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