Talking baijiu in Chengdu

cd-home_logoMajor news, Chengdu people. My adopted home and baijiu muse will be the site of my first public talk on Chinese alcohol and drinking culture as part of the Bookworm Lit Fest. An (optional) tasting of some of my favorite baijius will follow the talk.

Another talk the next day will feature a panel discussion with distinguished China authors Jen Lin-Liu and Tom Miller about the highs and lows of writing about the world’s most fascinating and frustrating country.

Full event details below:

China Drinks!

19:30, Saturday, 9 March 2013

Join reformed baijiu skeptic Derek Sandhaus as he discusses his journey of discovery into the heart of Chinese drinking culture, and whether the world is ready to clink glasses with the Middle Kingdom. In the name of research, baijiu may be sampled.

Covering China

19:30, Sunday, 10 March 2013

Covering China, a panel discussion with Jen Lin-Liu, Tom Miller and Derek Sandhaus, three China-based writers whose work and experience covers everything from blogging, journalism and memoir to history and social change, discuss the highs and lows of their writing life and what the future holds for writing on China.

For directions and full festival details, please visit the official Chengdu Bookworm Literary Festival website.

I’ve also got a couple of talks next week in Shanghai, so check back for more info on those next week (or order tickets here and here).

Hope to see you there.

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