Happy birthday

Today marks the one year anniversary of 300 Shots at GreatnessWhen I began this blog, my interest in researching Chinese alcohol that was strictly academic – I couldn’t stand drinking it. Some four hundred shots of various baijius later and my liquor cabinet looks like this…


Yes, I became and baijiu drinker, and I’m still convinced that, given the proper motivation, most people can also become fans of the sorghum sauce.

As you may or may not be aware, my postings have been somewhat infrequent of late. This has not been done out of idleness or loss of interest, but in the service of the greater glory of Chinese alcohol. More on this at a later date, but for now, suffice it to say that this blog is about to see a lot more activity.

While I have been keeping a low profile, the baijiu industry has not. There have been a slew of baijiu-related quality control scandals, a (possibly short-lived) Moutai stock price implosion and much reshuffling. Expect posts on these topics in the weeks and months to come.

I have also continued drinking sweet Chinese hooch and have tried some interesting new products. Add to that my promise to finally tell you how to make strong- and sauce-aroma baijiu, and there’s a lot of exciting stuff coming your way in year two of this grand experiment. I also hope you’ll keep your questions coming and start sending me reader reviews through the contact section.

In the meantime, I leave you with the greatest hits of 2012:

Most Popular:

  1. A race to the bottom of the bottle – The blog’s foundational text.
  2. Will baijiu kill you? – Facts and fiction on toxicity (may have to update this soon)
  3. Maotai goes to Washington – Nixon and baijiu, need I say more?

Derek Recommends:

  1. The baijiu cure – The story of how I learned to love baijiu.
  2. ‘A peculiar oriental odor’ – Early foreign impressions of baijiu.
  3. Making baijiu made simple – Nuts and bolts of Chinese moonshine.
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1 Response to Happy birthday

  1. Michael says:

    Cheers and congratulations on your first year anniversary! May your search for baijiu greatness continue to bring you glory and fame.

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