Getting started: mixed aroma

Mixed aroma is classified by most in the industry as one of the five major baijiu categories. But since it’s just made by mixing two or more of the other categories, isn’t it time to admit that there are only four major baijiu categories?

Mixed aroma (jian xiang 兼香)

Expensive: Tianchengxiang 天成祥

Price: RMB800/US$125

This baijiu is also the result of an international joint venture, this one between Jiannanchun and Pernod Ricard. The blend is 80% strong aroma, 20% sauce aroma, and 100% delicious. It’s still in the process of being rolled out, but with luck you should be able to get your hands on it outside of Sichuan soon.

Price varies: Xifengjiu 西凤酒

Xifengjiu comes in a variety of blends and price ranges (starting around RMB30/US$4.50), but it’s the leader in the category. They even produce the world’s only baijiu that blends all four of the other categories. My recommendation is that you try the four primary categories first and then experiment with Xifengjiu according to your taste.

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